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Kenta Release Gas 150g, 1.5mm sinking pellets

Kenta Release Gas 150g, 1.5mm sinking pellets

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Product Overview

Experience the amazing power of Kenta's gas-releasing formula! Each 150g pack of sinking pellets helps your goldfish swim with ease by relieving its digestive tract of potentially harmful gas. Plus, with organic calcium to improve fin and tail strength, and a blend of vitamins to boost metabolism, Kenta is the perfect main source of food for your goldfish.


This food is created to prevent goldfish from having gas in their digestive tract.
The gas in the goldfish's bladder that will cause an imbalance to the fish, making
the head drop, raising the tail up, causing the fish to have a hard time swimming downward.

Expected Result

Kenta" gas release goldfish food, the goldfish waste will come our long and full Sometimes capturing air bubbles along with it pulling out the gas from the digestive tract. Moreover, Kenta is created to be the main source of food for goldfish and contains multi-vitamin to boost metabolism , it can be mixed with other foods containing high protein, to make it a well balanced meal. The main Ingredient  for -Kenta is organic calcium to strengthen fins and tails, and to stimulate intestine movement.

Feeding guide

Kenta Release Gas 150g is a sinking pellet that can be used for both mixed and straight feedings for goldfish. When mixing with other food brands, use 30% Kenta Release Gas to feed daily. For straight Kenta feeding, feed Stricky Kenta 3 to 5 times per week.


Whitefish, Krill, and Spirulina make up the meat base, with additional proteins derived from wheat germ, wheat gluten, and lecithin. Yeast, a probiotic, and a variety of vitamins, minerals, and ginger powder provide essential nutrients.

Nutritional Composition

  • CRUDE PROTEIN - - 33%(min)
  • CRUDE FAT - - - - -  5% (min)
  • CRUDE FIBER - - - - 9% (max)
  • MOISTURE - - - - - - 9%(max) 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Vannak Payabyab
Helped tremendously!

My oranda has been floating belly up for the past 2 months. I've tried quarantining with no food for a few days, peas only diet, treating with kanaplex, etc. but there was no improvement. After a few days of feeding the Kenta Release Gas, he hasn't been floating as much and it's getting better everyday. Very grateful for these pellets!

Earl Bagadiong

Kenta Release Gas 150g, 1.5mm sinking pellets

Willa Coxen

Kenta Release Gas 150g, 1.5mm sinking pellets

Works Like A Charm=

great food for all your goldies. 5/5


Customer service is top-notch, and shipping was super fast! Will definitely order again!